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Install SafeStrap Recovery On AT&T Galaxy Note 3

Custom Recoveries sure have a lot of demands when comes down to install them, well after all they are awesome and there is no doubt about that. If Custom recoveries didn 8767 t exist, who knows how much difficulty would have been faced for installing Custom tweaks and Mods. However, as these recoveries are here, we really don 8767 t have to worry about a thing. Well, as we all know that this is the world of  Android, where developers are breaking a lot of impossibilities and trying to bring such things into this world, which everyone considered impossible. Like only a year ago, you wouldn 8767 t be able to Root your device without unlocking bootloader first, but now you can. The same is the case with AT& T Galaxy Note 8 , at the time of its release users believed that they have to unlock the bootloader to install the recovery, however, this wasn 8767 t the case at all when it comes to the Safestrap Recovery.

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I would love to be able to use this on the N955T

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Note: If you are downloading a file larger than 655MB, we recommend you to be on WiFi as being on mobile network may cause downloads to suddenly stop while switching to different towers.

Do you think this is compatible with the ANCE build number? From what I understand, the differences are extremely small.
And a million thanks for working on this for us!

If you have trouble downloading on your mobile device such as failed downloads, please try using your desktop computer as downloads will be more stable and you will be able to download on your first try.

Looking to flash nightly for the first time. I have quite a few apps and data. Since there's a trade-off between space and speed when using the safe slot, is the safe slot that much faster then using a virtual slot?

My own ROM

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This version of SafeStrap is based on SafeStrap but has a lot of differences with it:

I am rooted and all, just cant find the correct Safestrap.

Queste sono versioni modificate di SafeStrap nelle quali è stato rimosso lo splash screen all'avvio.

Have to manually reboot into recovery, will no do it from SS app. But, manual reboot brings up slash screen

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BTW - how the flasher (fastboot) knows what partition is preinstall or what is system ? where is the mapping from /dev/block/mmcblk6pxx to those names fastboot uses ?
No clue in xml..

I have never used a system with multi-rom slots. Is it possible to have a non rooted rom in one to run good for enterprise when at work?

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Download Safestrap--KitKat-A56 APK For Android, APK File Named And APP Developer Company Is. Latest Android APK Vesion Safestrap--KitKat-A56 Is Safestrap Can Free Download APK Then Install On Android Phone.

Also if you are not on unlimited data, downloading large files may use up your mobile network bandwidth very quickly.

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ATTENTION: I will be stopping official Safestrap support on 9/1/2014. For more information please... Safestrap--KitKat-A01 News. KNOWN ISSUES: Bluetooth remote control isn't working on rom-slots. CHANGELOG: [20131227] EXFAT fix for 64gb SD cards [20131217] BETA for SElinux...