«Hernie femoralis operatie» . «Hernie femoralis operatie».

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Inguinal hernias, in turn, belong to groin hernias , which also includes femoral hernias. A femoral hernia is not via the inguinal canal, but via the femoral canal , which normally allows passage of the common femoral artery and vein from the pelvis to the leg.

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In der Gefäßchirurgie wird der Abschnitt der Arteria femoralis zwischen der Abgangsstelle der Arteria femoralis profunda und der Kniekehle auch als Arteria femoralis superficialis bezeichnet, um ihn eindeutiger vom tief verlaufenden Ast abzugrenzen. Kranial der Abgangsstelle wird dann auch von einer Arteria femoralis communis gesprochen.

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anulus femoralis — [TA] femoral ring: the abdominal opening of the femoral canal, normally closed by the crural septum and peritoneum … Medical dictionary

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Istrianis femoralis is a moth of the family Gelechiidae. It is found on Sicily , Cyprus and in Italy , Slovenia , [6] Croatia , the Republic of Macedonia , Greece , [7] the Crimea and Turkey. [8]

Some surgeons choose to perform "key-hole" or laparoscopic surgery (also called minimally invasive surgery) rather than conventional "open" surgery. With minimally invasive surgery, one or more small incisions are made that allow the surgeon to use a surgical camera and small tools to repair the hernia. 96 67 98

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A hernia can be described as reducible if the contents within the sac can be pushed back through the defect into the peritoneal cavity, whereas with an incarcerated hernia, the contents are stuck in the hernia sac. 96 7 98 However, the term incarcerated seems to always imply that the femoral hernia is at least irreducible.

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The entrance to the femoral canal is the femoral ring , through which bowel can sometimes enter, causing a femoral hernia. Though femoral hernias are rare, their passage through the inflexible femoral ring puts them at particular risk of strangulation, giving them surgical priority.

Die motorischen Äste (Rami musculares) des Nervus femoralis, die oberhalb des Lig. inguinale abgehen, innervieren den M. iliopsoas , den M. iliacus und - zusammen mit dem N. obturatorius - auch den M. pectineus .

Ceratocilia femoralis is a moth in the family Crambidae. It was described by George Hampson in 6967. It is found in Peru. 96 6 98



What does vena femoralis mean? Hernia femoralis kadang-kadang menimbulkan benjolan pada bagian dalam paha atas atau pangkal paha.